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First Responder Oil Spill Response Training

CIC conducts response community training at most commercial harbors twice per year. Specialized response training such as boom boat operation is conducted upon request. Responders operate all response systems and establish "Zone Control" with decon stations and security barriers. The "sensitivities" identified in the Hawaiian Area Plan are reviewed. The agreed upon Geographical Response Strategies for emergency response are reviewed and practiced.


Hazardous Waste Operator (HAZWOPER) classes have been conducted by CIC for four years. Twenty Four (24), hour classes are provided quarterly and eight (8) hour refresher courses are conducted every month. Training is provided to Member company personnel, oilspill response contractors and government responders for a nominal $10.00 per day charge.

Incident Command System Training

Incident Command System (ICS) training is conducted routinely at the Hawaii Oil Spill Response Center. CIC and the USCG Strike Teams both conduct several classes per year for members and community alike. Both broad overview classes and Section by Section Classes are provided. ICS training is provided to the community at large or for specific member companies in preparation for Oil Spill Response Team PREP exercises.

Hotel Employee Awareness Training

The Clean Islands Council conducts Community Outreach training to hotels and neighbors within our community. Hotel response "Zone Control" packages have been distributed to interested partners. These packages include barrier tape, PPE, signs, sorbent rugs, and visqueen sheeting for the protection of hotel facilities. Hotel employees are trained in the hazards of hydrocarbons and the protection methods necessary to minimize the impact to their facilities and guests.

Oil Spill Response Management Training

In recent years the Clean Islands Council has expanded our training to include Spill Response Management Training. Although this includes a review of the Incident Command System, it goes beyond ICS to include internal and external communications, community expectations, the changing dynamics of response command and the Response Management System elements of ICS. The differences between Community Objectives, Strategic Objectives and Tactical Objectives are examined. Emphasis is placed upon the leadership transition from the personnel conducting the initial emergency response in the field, to the planned response activities and tasks developed in the Unified Command Environment of the Command Center.

Area Plan Familiarization Training

One of CIC's most popular classes is a walk through familiarization class on the Hawaiian Area Plan. This living document is updated almost constantly and is the primary community response plan for the Hawaiian Captain of the Port Zone. This training is provided to any and all community players or stakeholders who need to have a working knowledge of this important reference document.


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