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Hawaii Oil Spill Response Center

War RoomDuring a spill event appropriate space up to and including almost the entire facility is dedicated to the Responsible Party for their use. The WAR Room portion includes the "Information Center", "Operations and Planning" Room and the "Support Room" which holds logistics, finance, and community outreach. The response management team may allocate space and resources as required. All three rooms are designed to work together as one large area with walls to act as sound barriers and white board/status board presentation space. The openings between rooms are large enough to provide traffic flow and a sense of free association between groups. Communications in the War Room include 7 phones tied into the PBX system and 5 clean outside lines for fax and modem capability.

The "Support Room" doubles as a training area during non-spill use. The area will support up to 65 students and facilities include large television with cable and VCR connections. Multiple projection screens support multiple overhead projectors or slide presentations. The room has wall to wall "white" boards and amplified sound for teachers.

The "Operations and Planning" Room includes a Dell Optiplex computer with color HP 870C printer for plans development. This is a CIC LAN based system. This room also has wall to wall white boards. Included in the plans area is a 3 foot by 8 ft. presentation scale wall mounted ICS 215 form custom preloaded for Hawaii marine oil spill response resource tracking. At the Operations end of the room is a large presentation wall with identified and shaped plexiglass with magnet backing Icons which represent the known resources in the Hawaii Area. This system enables the Operations Section personnel to quickly organize a "Situation Board" of their own.

The "Information Center" is the home of the Situation and Resource Unit Leaders. Status Boards display spill information including situation and job assignments, and the resources designated to those Divisions and Groups. A large "T" Card Center, which has premade "T" cards with photographs of the equipment they represent on them, is located along one wall. These cards are prepositioned under the companies which control the asset such as CIC, MSRC, SUPSALVE, NRC and local contractors. Title cards are predesignated by Divisions and Groups for ease of resource tracking. The "T" Card Center should match the information indicated on the Status Boards. The front of the room is dedicated to the Situation Maps which display the current situation for spill management tracking and decision making. Unified Command briefings are held in this room.

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