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Hawaii Oil Spill Response Center

Media CenterThe Media Center is dedicated to supporting the Situation Unit Leader, Plan Development Unit Leader, Operations as needed, and the Joint Information Center (JIC) Information Officer. Tasks include having large format maps and photos of the coastline and sensitive areas premade for immediate display in the Information Center. These drawings can be quickly altered to reflect the current existing situation. In house capability includes Macintosh Adobe graphics production and a HP 755 CM DesignJet large format color printer capable of producing graphics up to 3 ft. x 9 ft. in size. Preproduced, altered, scanned, or CD Rom and Digital Camara input can be produced for use by Operations and Planning. The Joint Information Center (JIC) may request large format presentation materials for a press conference. Imagery may be loaded onto the CIC Website for pass code viewing via the net.

Media CenterA second but no less important task for this room is to bring near real time, real world information into the spill center from the field. This information is then displayed throughout the Spill Center on large format televisions running "S" video format. All manner of information media can be brought into the center. Digital imagery can be brought in via the internet or direct modem. Digital camera images stored on PCMCIA disks or the newer "photo" cards can be loaded directly into the computer for large scale printing and/or television viewing. Video in VHS or Hi-8 format can be immediately loaded and shown on the television network. The capability is in place to video tape up to 4 different news broadcasts simultaneously for rebroadcast to the JIC and Unified Command. Live presentation from cable can be shown throughout the spill center. The television distribution network consists of 6 medium and large format televisions that are driven by "S" Video feed from a Extron Matrix 8 x 8 (8 channels in x 8 channels out) switcher. We have the ability to show 8 different programs to selected televisions at the same time. For example those televisions directed to the JIC and the Unified Command may be watching a compilation tape of the latest news reports. The WAR Room and Training Room may be watching a digital image photo slide show of current field operations. The purpose of this capability is to bring the visual reality of current field operations into the command center for the benefit of the management team. Within two hours of the beginning of an event, near real time digital imagery may be continually supplied to the center even for events on the neighbor islands.

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