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Hawaii Oil Spill Response Center

Joint Information CenterThe Joint Information Center is housed in two adjouning rooms very near the Information Center. One room is dedicated to Internal Communications and the other to External Communications. The Internal Communications Room has 4 telephones and a fax maching. It also has a CIC LAN T-Base 10 Ethernet receptical. This room is dedicated to the preparation of notices and press releases. The External Information Room is dedicated to answering the questions of the media. Reporters from print, radio and television may call and speak directly with JIC personnel under the direction of the ICS Information Officer. This room has 4 incoming telephone lines that function on a separate roll over phone line. This line may be forwarded to any phone inside or outside of the facility as needs require. This room also has in and out facsimili machines and a television monitor connected to the Media Center. If the Unified Command wants they can hold press conferences in the Training Room while the WAR Room is closed off from the rest of the Spill Center.

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