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Hawaii Oil Spill Response Center

Comms RoomLocated in the Communications Room are the two telephone operators that recieve all incoming phone calls to the Oil Spill Response Center number. These two operators distribute all incoming calls throughout the Center.

This Comms Room also houses the radio center. Radios included 3 VHF Marine Band, 1 HF Single Side Band with Nicode ringer, 1 Aviation VHF, and 1 VHF company band radio. Also available are 15 each, 2 watt radios with chargers and extra batteries for distribution to field personnel for beach and shoreline communications.

Comms RoomThe Comms Room, CIC office and the OSRV Clean Islands also have Alpha-Mate paging systems for individual or group alpha-numeric paging.

The Comms Room also has a desk with a computer that is linked to the CIC Network, to be used by the Comms Room Manager for updating the phone lists and the ICS 205 Form as necessary.

The Center is prepared to have a "runner" move messages throughout the Center. The runner is home based in the Coms Room.

Radio communications may be "patched" through to individual phones located throughout the Center or communications may be played over a Center wide intercom system for the benefit of all participants.

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