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Hawaii Oil Spill Response Center

The Hawaii Oil Spill Center (HSC) is dedicated to Oil Spill Emergency Response preparedness, and is wholly funded by the Member Companies of the Clean Islands Council and the Marine Spill Response Corporation.

Hawaii Oil Spill Response Center

The HSC is a combination training and response facility. As a training facility it can serve multiple training programs simultaneously. Training is conducted by the CIC, MSRC, the United States Coast Guard and the State of Hawaii. Normal training includes courses in 40, 24, and 8 hour HAZWOPER, emergency oil spill response, first aid, fork lift, CPR and ICS training. Special training has included courses in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, aerial observation, JIC organization and function, public relations during an emergency response, management systems training, terminal operator in charge training and other special USCG Strike Team training.

The Spill Center serves as a meeting center for member company response teams and component sections within response teams. The Area Planning Committee and the 17 subcommittees that comprise the APC meet here. The Center is used for community outreach by inviting oil spill stake holders in to see the spill center and to learn how they can liason with the response management team in the event of a spill. The pipeline Corrosion Control Coordination Committee (C4) meets at the Center to work through corrosion control issues and conduct training classes.

The Spill Center serves as the location of choice for PREP drills mandated by the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. It has housed the two NPREP Area drills conducted in the Honolulu Captain of the Port Zone. Approximately 20 to 25 drills per year are conducted at the Response Center.

During a spill event the Center is essentially a well outfitted strategic and tactical response management plant. Communications include 35 phone lines, 9 fax machines, 2 LANs, radio and internet capability as well as video and digital imagery capability.

For more information on the Hawaii Oil Spill Response Center we invite you to select the facility features on the left and read more about the various sections of the facility.

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