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Member Services
AMPD / MMPD Oil Spill Response

Clean Islands Council is first and foremost a response organization dedicated to oil spill response and AMPD compliance for all of its members. Clean Islands maintains trained personnel, response equipment, hard boom and sorbent materials in every port on every island that moves and transfer petroleum products or received member vessel traffic. We are dedicated to providing the very best response capability and training and allow companies to meet their regulatory and community responsibilities in the most efficient and effective manner.


Marine and Industrial Fire Response

Marine and Industrial Fire response is a new service provided by Clean Islands Council. Partnered with a maritime salvage company Clean Islands Council maintains a trained and equipped response team with all of the required training and response equipment capable of providing effective size up, mitigation and response to members maritime incidents here in Hawaii. Team members have hundreds of hours in fire response training and travel across the United States annually to train with the best teams at the best venues available. The team, its members and the equipment meet all of the training specifications mandated in the fire fighting components of OPA 90, and is NFPA compliant for NFPA 1001, 1002, 1005, 1006, 1021, 1041, 472 and 1081.


Dispersant Application

Clean Islands Council is partnered with the State of Hawaii and the United States Coast Guard to work together to provide effective dispersant application in Hawaii. Clean Islands maintains two Simplex helicopter buckets, a Biegert Aviation ADDS Pack, thousands of gallons of dispersant and its own hangar building inside the airport secure zone to allow rapid deployment into a USCG C-130 aircraft. The programmatic approach taken by the Clean Islands Council and its partners allows for a rapid, effective and measurable dispersant response. ADDS Pack Dispersant Application, Helicopter Dispersant Application, S.M.A.R.T Program.


Member Training

Training both initial and continuous training is one of the cornerstones of what we do here at Clean Islands Council. We provide training to our member organizations at next to no cost. We offer HAZWOPER, AMPD Response, Equipment Maintenance, Incident Command Systems, and soon Marine and Industrial Firefighting.


Tractor Trailer Roll-Over Response and Training

The same Marine Response Team that is trained for shipboard fire response and industrial support is also trained and prepared to respond to a member incident involving a tractor-trailer rollover. Clean Islands Council has the equipment and partnerships on all of the major islands to allow us to fly in and assist the response effort in anyway necessary. Response Team members are capable of conducting stabilization, grounding and bonding, cutting, stinging, transferring product and assisting with rigging and righting of MC306 or similar trailers.


Confined Space Standby Rescue

Confined space standby rescue is federal requirement for all companies who have permit required confined spaces and have employees who have to enter those spaces to do work. Clean Islands personnel have the certifications; training and equipment required to legally and safely perform standby rescue duties in various types of industrial and marine spaces.



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